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Black Annealed Wire

Black Iron Wire, also known as oil-painted black iron wire or black mild steel wire. Compared with galvanized wire, it is more economical to form coil wire, tie wire, or cut into straight wire. With more than 25 years of producing experience, our black wire has the feature of anti-corrosion and anti-oxidization,cost-saving, excellent flexibility and softness, durable and long service life.
Product Description

What is Black Annealed Wire?

The black iron wire is an annealed low carbon steel wire. The resultant product is soft and durable and has the quality to keep it intact when used in one of the most common applications, that is, it is bundled with itself or another product. Therefore, it is sometimes called an annealing tie.

The black annealed wire is named for its unique black color, which benefits from the anti-corrosion surface coating added after the annealing process. It is widely used in industrial and consumer applications, including packaging and handmade.

The purpose of annealing is to restore the ductility of the wire that has been lost during the stretching process.

Main Features:

The black annealed steel wire is thermally re-annealed. Due to the use of a furnace operating under a controlled atmosphere, we guarantee constant mechanical properties and the best wire surface finish.

Wire diameter range: Bwg25-Bwg6 (0.5mm-5.0mm)

Tensile strength: 350N-550N/mm2

Black Annealed Wire

Black Annealed Wire

Application of Black Annealed Tie Wire:

As tie wire in daily life binding.

Baling wire in building fixing and reinforcement.

The material of fences and meshes.

Binding wire for tying flowers.

Binding wire for tying landscapes in the garden.

Made into handicrafts.


100g/coil-1000kgs/coil, plastic inside and hessian outside.

Plastic inside and plastic woven bag outside, the pallet can be used according to customers' request

Why choose YK?

We are one of the black annealed wire suppliers, the main professional production and export of all kinds of mesh, including hexagonal mesh, welding mesh, chain fence, PVC coating mesh, and various wires. You could choose any kind you need.

Certificates: Established its own quality management system. Passed ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification and SGS management system

Industry experience: More than 20 years of professional production of Black Annealed Wire, various strengths and tensile strengths.

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