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Black Annealed Wire

Black Iron Wire, also known as oil-painted black iron wire or black mild steel wire. Compared with galvanize wire, it is more economical to form coil wire, tie wire, or cut into straight wire. With more than 25 years of producing experience, our black wire has the feature of anti-corrosion and anti-oxidization,cost-saving, excellent flexibility and softness, durable and long service life.
Product Description

Black Annealed Wire Description

What is Black Annealed Wire?

The Black Annealed Wire is an annealed low carbon steel wire. The resultant product is soft and durable and has the quality to keep it intact when used in one of the most common applications, that is, it is bundled with itself or another product. Therefore, it is sometimes called an annealing tie.

The black annealed wire is named for its unique black color, which benefits from the anti-corrosion surface coating added after the annealing process. It is widely used in industrial and consumer applications, including packaging and handmade.

The purpose of annealing is to restore the ductility of the wire that has been lost during the stretching process.

Why use Black Annealed Wire?

For any type of project, you will always try to use the right materials to complete the work. Using the wrong product can make the job harder than it actually needs to be-it may even mean you can't complete the task. Especially when it comes to wires, choosing the right type is crucial, because you need perfect characteristics to avoid problems in the production line.

How to use Black Annealed Wire?

A common application of Black Annealed Wire is as a tie wire or tie wire. In such applications, the malleability of the product really comes in handy, because it can adapt to the form it needs to take so that the bundle can be bundled together or tied up without breaking.

This kind of thread can provide impressive tensile strength while bringing the flexibility required as a baling thread.

Types of Black Annealed Wire

In this type of wire, there are actually some changes that need to be considered. Popular options include commercial wire, box wire and tie wire. The commercial wire is Black Annealed Wire, each coil is wound at 100 pounds, and a complete stent can hold 20 coils. Box wire is a 100-pound wire wound into a tighter, smaller coil to fit in a box for cleaner transportation. Tie line is a general reference to one of these two variants.

Please note that black annealed single-ring straps are no longer common because in the 1990s, more than 95% of the market switched to cleaner and more durable galvanized single-ring straps.

Black Annealed Wire Main Features:

The black annealed steel wire is thermally re-annealed. Due to the use of a furnace operating under a controlled atmosphere, we guarantee constant mechanical properties and the best wire surface finish.

Wire diameter range: Bwg25-Bwg6 (0.5mm-5.0mm)

Tensile strength: 350N-550N/mm2

Black Annealed Wire

Black Annealed Wire

Application of Black Annealed Tie Wire:

As tie wire in daily life binding.

Baling wire in building fixing and reinforcement.

The material of fences and meshes.

Binding wire for tying flowers.

Binding wire for tying landscapes in the garden.

Made into handicrafts.

Black Annealed Wire Packing: 

100g/coil-1000kgs/coil, plastic inside and hessian outside.

Plastic inside and plastic woven bag outside, the pallet can be used according to customers' request

Black Annealed Wire shopping guide!

The only way to know which wire to choose is to determine your application. If you need a wire that is strong, durable, and can be used in wet conditions, use galvanize wire. If you need more flexible wires, annealed wires are your best choice. Since there are many use cases for both types of wires, you must weigh the advantages and disadvantages of each type of wire related to the specific application.

Black Annealed Wire

Black Annealed Wire

The characteristics of the annealing line come from the unique manufacturing and processing processes used to manufacture it. The steel wire must undergo a heating and cooling cycle to change its performance. The result is a strong, flexible and flexible wire. Once this process is complete, the wires are treated with a layer of oil.

Advantages of Black Annealed Wire

Due to its unique manufacturing process, the annealing line has flexibility that it would not otherwise have. This makes it useful in applications where the wire needs to be flexible enough to allow the material to expand or stretch after packaging. Therefore, the annealing line has greater versatility in use.

Disadvantages of Black Annealed Wire

The main disadvantage of annealed wire is that the annealing process changes the composition of the steel. Annealed wires are more susceptible to rust, which can make the wires “dirty” when they are abandoned in the component. But rust does not necessarily affect the strength of the wire.

Galvanize Wire

Galvanize Wire

Galvanize wire gets its name from the galvanizing process. When the steel wire is galvanized, it becomes galvanized. This process occurs after the steel wire is manufactured to the necessary thickness and specifications. galvanize wire is harder and less flexible than annealed wire. It also lacks the same oil coating as the annealing line.

Advantages of Galvanize Wire

You can rely on galvanize wire to maintain its structural integrity, making it a durable choice that can be used with a variety of different materials. It is also not recommended to leave the galvanize wire in the component for a long time before use. But it is more resistant to rust and corrosion, making the wire "cleaner" and has a longer service life without losing any breaking strength.

Disadvantages of Galvanize Wire

Since galvanize wire is less flexible and cannot be stretched, when you need a wire that can be stretched after binding, its use may be limited.

The specific function you need to look for will depend on the work you need to perform and the machine you will use. Fortunately, you don’t have to make this decision alone, because we have the expertise to help you deal with this potentially difficult choice. If you have any questions about which wire is best for you, please feel free to contact us for help.

Why choose YK?

We are one of the black annealed wire suppliers, the main professional production and export of all kinds of mesh, including hexagonal mesh, welding mesh, chain fence, PVC coating mesh, and various wires. You could choose any kind you need.

Certificates: Established its own quality management system. Passed ISO9001: 2000 quality system certification and SGS management system

Industry experience: More than 20 years of professional production of Black Annealed Wire, various strengths and tensile strengths.

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