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When Was The Barbed Wire Invented

Apr. 13, 2021


When Was The Barbed Wire Invented

The concept behind the barbed wire fence is to keep the cattle away from the crops and prevent large animals from breaking through the normal barbed wire fence. The spurs will "pick" these animals and warn them to guard against the fence.

Before the invention of barbed wire, wire fences were common. The defects on the wire fence made up for the weakness and ineffectiveness when faced by cattle. These cows are strong enough to knock down this kind of fence.

Negative effects of barbed wire

With the gathering of barbed wire all over the west, the cattle-raising industry of open pastures began to shrink. Because the plains are restricted and difficult to cross, ranchers can no longer graze herds of cattle on large tracts of land.

In addition, when there is a blizzard in winter, cattle will try to migrate to the south. Barbed wire can trap cattle and cause thousands of deaths. This innovative fencing technology also has an adverse effect on other wildlife. The barbed wire will entangle and trap wild buffalo and other animals, causing them to die of hunger, thirst or severe infection.

Multiple uses of barbed wire

From the beginning, barbed wire was used as a symbol of control and imprisonment. The wealthy originally bought barbed wire to keep others out of the door. However, shortly after its invention, barbed wire was used as a means of protection in wars. The military use of barbed wire began in the British around 1888. During the Spanish-American War, the army led by Teddy Roosevelt used barbed wire to protect the camp. During World War I, barbed wire evolved into a weapon. Today, it continues to exist in prisons, concentration camps and national borders.

How the barbed wire evolved

Barbed wire was originally used as a fence for cattle, but later it was used to graze other animals such as alpacas, llamas, horses, goats and sheep. A new type of barbed wire, called a fixed knot fence, is currently used to prevent large wild animals from entering busy roads such as highways.

The metal used to make barbed wire has also made progress over the years. In the 1980s, a lighter and cheaper wire was invented. This kind of metal wire is made of steel carbon fiber, which not only increases the flexibility, but also does not reduce the strength. In order to prevent rust, the steel was further galvanized in early 2000. Today's best barbed wire is made of a mixture of 95% aluminum and 5% zinc. Different combinations of metals are used in different situations.

The role of barbed wire

The cultural influence of barbed wire still reverberates in the United States today. In the period when it was invented, it fundamentally changed the land and way of life in the west. It prevents the cattle from eating grass on the grassland. The nomadic Native America were taken away from the open land, the only way of life they were familiar with. Soon after its invention, barbed wire became a useful resource in warfare, providing protection for the army and civilians. Today, it is still used to maintain a barrier between two independent entities, but mainly in the area of prisons and political borders. The impact of this fencing technique is far from the smallest, but serves as a reminder for the American people to move forward.

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