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What Is a Galvanized Wire?

Apr. 27, 2021


What Is a Galvanized Wire?

Galvanized wire is used in many different industries due to its durability. This kind of wire is easy to identify because it usually has a bright luster. Farmers use it to build fences, and it is also widely used in shipyards.

Galvanize Wire

The finer galvanized wire provides craftsmen and jewelers with the materials used on their projects.


The term "galvanized" refers to metals that have undergone a special zinc treatment. Essentially, the basic metal wire is completely coated with a very thin layer of zinc. It is this galvanized coating that gives the galvanized wire useful properties. Zinc can be applied in a way, this method is to immerse the metal wire in the zinc solution, or electroplating the metal wire on the surface of the wire.


One of the most important properties of galvanized wire is its anti-rust ability. This is why it is very suitable for outdoor use, such as on fences. Frequent rain and damp weather will quickly rust the ungalvanized wire. The salt in the shipyard also caused potential rust problems for many equipment in this environment. Galvanized wire can maintain good performance even in humid and salty environments.


The zinc coating on the galvanized wire also provides a hard protective coating for the steel wire. The exposed steel wire is relatively easy to be scratched or damaged, thereby weakening the strength of the wire. The zinc coating on the galvanized wire provides a shielding layer between the steel and the outside world, because it is more resistant to chips, cuts and scratches than plain steel.

Fire resistance

Galvanized wire is also useful in industrial applications where there is a fire hazard. When the wire is hot-dipped, the melting point of the resulting zinc is even higher than that of conventional zinc. It didn't start to melt until about 650 degrees Celsius. The melting resistance of the zinc coating helps prevent the steel inside the wire from reaching its own melting point. Therefore, galvanized steel wire can remain strong in most fires.

3 uses for galvanized wire

1. Protection

Many people buy galvanized steel wire to protect their performance. Because galvanized steel wire is very durable, it can easily be used to build a fence around your house. Although cutting wires is a labor-intensive task, it is worth it for those who want to increase safety.

A fence made of galvanized steel wire can prevent both animals and thieves. In some cases, galvanized steel wire is also placed on the top of the fence to prevent people from climbing.

2. Binding

Another use of galvanized steel wire is for bundling of building materials. Because galvanized steel wire is very strong, it is very useful in residential and commercial buildings. Many people on construction sites use it to tie or pack materials. This will prevent them from tipping over.

Galvanized steel wire is considered an all-weather material, so it is very popular with builders. Houses built with galvanized steel wire can also increase the value of the property. Galvanized steel wire is often used in the construction of large office buildings due to its unparalleled strength.

3. Support

Galvanized steel wire is often used for important applications supporting wall protrusions or painting. Hanging the artwork properly on the wall is important for the integrity of the artwork and the safety of the viewer.

Due to its high tensile strength, galvanized steel is also useful for homeowners who want to secure their expensive artwork or mirrors safely on their wall.

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