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The Art Of Cleaning Window Screens

Jun. 24, 2021


The Art Of Cleaning Window Screens

Window screen cleaning is an art. Although it looks simple, it actually requires some skill. Once cleaned, how do you keep them in good condition? Let's take a look at cleaning window screens, how to maintain them and what types are used.

When is a good time to clean window screens

You should wipe the window screens at least once a year. Before the bug season is in full swing, spring is a good season. Or you can take them down for the winter at the end of summer. Some people simply take out the screen, wipe it clean and put it back.

Pick a sunny day with a little windy day, as this will help the screens dry quickly.

Aluminium Window Screen

Aluminium Window Screen


Cleaning the screen may seem simple, but it does require some experience and a lot of time.

There is a large bathtub or an area deep enough to flood the screen. You can use a soft or synthetic brush to wipe. Only make one screen at a time to prevent damage. Swipe gently in both directions and on both sides of the screen.

Rinse gently with a hose. Shake the screen gently to remove excess water, and lean against a clean object until it is dry.

Maintaining the screen saves time, effort and money

If used carelessly, the screen will become fragile. Keep the windows clean, especially the tracks, to maintain your screen. When you clean the windows, be sure to check the corners of the screen, if they fade, you need to replace them. Fading means that they will soon crack. If the screen has small holes or starts to wear out, it should be replaced. The shiny screen is also bad news; it means the screen is old. A good screen should be compact and all corners are comfortable.

Type of screens

Fiberglass window screen: The most popular because it will not rust or corrode. It can be used for windows, doors and courtyards. Fiberglass window screens are also available in different colors!

Aluminum window screen: a tough metal mesh. Usually black, dark gray and silver. Black is usually used on house windows because it is not obvious from the inside. This type of screen also has less glare. It is dark gray to complement the paint window frame system.

Sometimes, asking professionals to do this job can save time and money. Professionals make it easy to clean screen windows, and there are experts and detailed suggestions. Many window cleaning services will also clean your screen at the same time. Just ask what their services include. Wiping the window screen can be a pleasant experience.

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