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Everything You Need To Know About Hot Dipped Galvanized Barbed Wire

Dec. 20, 2021


Hot Dipped Galvanized Barbed Wire


Hot dipped galvanized barbed wire is turned by an automatic barbed wire device, typically called thistles, barbed wire. The finished item has 2 kinds, i.e. single wire turned and double wire turned, the raw material of galvanized barbed wire is top quality low carbon steel wire. Its surface area has 4 therapy processes: electro-galvanized, hot-dip galvanized, plastic covered, plastic splashed, and also has blue, eco-friendly, yellow, and also other colors, as well as is made use of for isolation protection of meadow borders, railroads, highways, etc.


Weaving method

Galvanized barbed wire is a seclusion protection internet made by turning barbed wire around the primary wire (hair wire) by barbed wire machinery with different weaving processes.

The positive twisting technique is to twist 2 or more wires right into a double-stranded wire rope and then wrap the barbed wire around the double-stranded wire.

The reverse twist method is to twist the barbed wire generally wire (that is, a single wire) and then add a wire as well as the spin to create a double-stranded barbed wire rope.

The forward and reverse turning approach is to turn the barbed wire in the opposite direction where the main wire is turned, as opposed to turning in one instruction.



Galvanized barbed wire whether regular zinc layer or nationwide conventional zinc layer, experience moisture or water, both pure water and also seawater, the surface area will show up similar to the color of cement alkali powder, which is the chemical reaction between zinc as well as air dampness, is a regular phenomenon, unrelated to life span. It is typical for zinc to react with air and also dampness, and also it has nothing to do with life span. Do not cover the hot-dip galvanized steel wire with an impermeable cover towel that is damp or wet, as this will aggravate the generation of alkaline powder. Such as the use of all possible open storage space, although it will impact the brightness, yet will certainly not influence the life span, hot-dip galvanized barbed wire and also razor wire is additionally the situation.



The galvanized barbed wire is made from high-quality carbon steel wire. It has a longer rust-proof and much longer life span than a common hot-dip galvanized iron wire. The product is additionally made of a medium carbon steel wire since the tension of medium carbon steel wire is great, and also it is very easy to straighten without contortion after unraveling. And also it is more attractive after installment. It additionally utilizes a top-quality hot-dip galvanized wire. Its function is to stop rusting and also safety and security defense. It makes use of a new kind of machine ahead as well as reverses screwing side knitting procedure, in order to accomplish a lovely and also strong, solid as well as secure function. It has the attributes of corrosion resistance, heat resistance, delicate and also beautiful, strong as well as sturdy, as well as intense color. And also it is suitable for orchards, building and construction websites, personal suites, colleges, military bases as well as various other areas.


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